Awareness Class:
Cost: $250.00
Deposit: $50.00
Duration: (Contact us)
Start date: (Contact us)

Course Description:

  • To understand the use of white light and colours, in combination with visual imagery, to learn to protect and heal one’s self and loved ones.
  • To understand each colour and how it connects to physical and emotional well being.
  • To gain a basic understanding of chakras and the effect that they can have on one’s physical and psychological anatomy.
  • To learn how to determine whether a chakra is under functioning as well as learning the principles of balancing chakras.
  • To understand aura’s, how to sense them, the colours associated with them, and their energy patterns in relation to healing.
  • To understand and participate in the practical application of energy work and healing.

Disclaimer: ***All deposits are non refundable. If for any reason you are not able to attend or complete any of our courses, you are more than welcome to attend a future course.

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