Iridology Course:
Cost: $1,550.00
Deposit: $500.00
Duration: 10 weeks
Start date: (Contact us)
Materials: (Included in price)

Course Outline:

LESSON 1: Brief History of Iridology (European, Australian and American Models)

LESSON 2: Overview of Steps in an Iris Examination

LESSON 3: Anatomy of the Eye

LESSON 4: Colours of the Eye and Discolouration

LESSON 5: Constitution by Fibres (Strengths, Weaknesses and Resiliency)

LESSON 6: Constitution by Type (European and American)

LESSON 7: Autonomic Nerve Wreath (Collarette)

LESSON 8: Iris Topography and Charts

LESSON 9: Iris Signs

LESSON 10: Sclera Signs

LESSON 11: Pupil Signs

LESSON 12: Vocabulary of Iridology

LESSON 13: Colour Photographs of Irides

Disclaimer: ***All deposits are non refundable. If for any reason you are not able to attend or complete any of our courses, you are more than welcome to attend a future course.

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